The Young Patronesses of the Opera (YPO), is a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate, promote, foster, sponsor, educate and develop the understanding, taste and love of opera in our community.

Educating children has always been of paramount importance to the members of YPO. Without fostering an appreciation of or exposure to opera and classical music, by our future generations, it is doubtful that these arts will have the necessary support to survive.

Comprised of over 100 volunteer women, YPO offers programs focused primarily on children education. These programs are a need in todays world where many school systems have taken away or decreased the arts programs in schools.

YOU CAN HELP US FUND OUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS!  For details on our 59th Annual GALA, click here!   Or you can support YPO by donating through the Miami Foundation’s Give Miami Day. 

The members of YPO fulfill this mission in several ways such as:
  • Our In-School Opera where professional singers perform children’s opera to over 30,000 elementary students in our local public, private and parochial schools each year
  • Opera Funtimes which are educational books designed by our volunteer members that share the story of a famous opera through poetry, actives games and more
  • Teacher’s Workshops which annually train approximately 150 Miami-Dade County music teachers on how to broaden a child’s horizon by exposing them to opera in the classroom
  • Girl Scout Workshops which are workshops for over 500 Girl Scouts in South Florida to help them earn an Opera Patch through lessons in dance, music, make-up and staging centered on one of the year’s performances
  • Our Voice Competition of national renown which assists aspiring young opera singers in the pursuit of their careers

YPO’s programs are funded through the member’s fundraising efforts as well as through grants and donations. To learn more about how we fundraise with our GALA, click here! 

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