Educator of Note Winners

We are proud to have honored outstanding teachers in our community since 1994. Those who have won include:

Maria Murawka

2015: Lynette Davis

2014:  Aliza Sebag

2013:  Odalys Valdes-Caous

Odalys Valdes-Caous

2012: Maria Murawka

2011: Monica Harmon

2010: Atala Mendiola

2009: Dr. Yasmin Alvarez

2008: Abigail Rubin

2007: Mary Alice Kays

Monica Harmon

2006: Maggie Palmer

2005: Madga Cruz Louriero
2004: Antonia Puhn
2003: Silvia Constantinidis

2002: Jennifer McLean Stadelmeyer

2001: Dr. Katherine Driscol

Atala Mendiola

2000: Jacqueline E. Moody

1999: Leslie Cooper

1998: Timothy Sharp

1997: Dr. Janet Duguay Kirsten

1996: Sheila Firestone

1995: Diane Mauch

1994: Lillian Naruns

Dr. Yasmin Alverez

Dr. Janet Duguay Kirsten

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